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I dare you! Write on the table!

Do I dare say it?
 I write on tables?
YEP!  I sure do. 
I write on my guided table all. the. time.
 NOPE!-it isn’t a dry erase table.
I use my u-shaped/kidney table, warmly named Ursula
for all of my guided/directed small groups.

When I write on my table I instantly have 100% student engagement.  It’s the “Oh my gosh” factor I think.  I always preface it with
“Shh! Don’t tell the principal!”  
The kids eat it up.  
And, yes, they usually tell the principal every time. 
Kids will be kids.
  One Warning: 
 Some markers/colors work better than others.  I test all markers first. 
 My method?  
Write. Clorox wipe. Are we good?  Good.  Simple.  
I am sure that covering my table in dry erase paint work be better but if it works now then why change it?

Action Pictures!

During my morning math block, I have about 4-5 students sitting with me reviewing concepts, establishing a new skill, or enriching key concepts.  I usually don’t pre-plan the “writing on table” component.  It comes naturally when I am teaching a specific skill.  Here is an example of a lesson as I was reinforcing number sense using 10 frames.  I decided it was more interactive to draw the 10 frame on the table and allow students to add manipulatives to the frame during our lesson.  I asked students to write the number on their white board.  We subtracted and added manipulatives throughout the morning.  It was awesome. 

 I hope you enjoyed the new idea!

Until next time lovies.

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