Dear 2015 Me

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for an AMAZING post!  I just adore this! 
 It is a letter to myself in 2015.
I hope this helps me remember back where I started.

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Five for Friday~ Sept 19


This week I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for a Five for Friday!

This is my Five for Friday in PICTURES!

KWL anchor Chart!

Writer's Workshop GROWING Anchor Chart


Supportive Writing Center

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Wordless Wednesday~ Pray

 I needed a...
 Wordless Wednesday
This week, I needed this.  It was week three. Period.

  I hope you heart it too.

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Five for Friday~ Sept 5

Hi Everyone!
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I just HAD to share this.  Are you laughing? 
 I can't stop. A BUTT! hee hee!
Ok, let's get serious.... (a butt, heehee)
Ok for real, I bought this from the AMAZING Barefoot Teacher and I LOVE it.  She (Becky) is awesome. Hi Becky!
Just a little shout out go and check her out!
A few of my old and NEW favorite things.  If I was Oprah, they'd be under your seat!  That ICED coffee from Starbucks with milk and a shot of my creamer is like HEAVEN on earth! ahhhhhhhh! 
Do you see the slow cooker in the background?  
Yep, that's what teacher parents do!
This is my mental note!
First, lemme give you some background info. 
Oh, and no judging... LOL
 I am a DIE hard Garth Fan.  I have ALL of his CD's minus the No Fences CD ONLY because I broke it. Probably from playing it so much! His songs are the ONLY ones I sing and when I sing them I SING'EM!
When I heard about this tour I set an alarm on my phone to buy tickets.  When Chicago went on sale I LITERALLY had two laptops, one PC, and my cell phone CHECKING for tickets.  ALL the while, I was on hold with ticket master.  The show sold out, in like a minute, probably longer but to me it was like a minute.  
In the final seconds, it seemed like it happened in slow motion, my computer pulled up 2 tickets to the 10:30PM show 17th Row Center! You've got to be kidding me?

So... I'm going on Saturday!  The show is at 11:30PM my time, WHOA!  Plus, it is after the Notre Dame v Michigan game.  (GO IRISH)  
It's gonna be a long weekend! Cheers!

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...I got friends in low places....

Wordless Wednesday

Good morning SUNSHINE!

This morning I am linking up with Christina at
(insert dramatic echo)

I am piggy backing off of Christina to show you MY new best friend.  

In a kinder world where crayons go missing daily and
 NO. ONE. EVER. can find a red crayon to use....  


Thanks for stopping by.  I am off to see my kinders.

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CURRENTLY September 2014

I. AM. SO. excited! to link up for my 1st CURRENTLY!  
I've been reading them for. like. EVER

 THANK YOU FARLEY for hosting and sharing the RULES!  Without further adieu, Here. I. go!

I LOVE listening to my husband mow the grass.  It reminds me of family, living, and loving.  I don't know what it is, maybe it's just the speed of it all.  It allows me slow down, enjoy my day and, SMILE!

We have 8 days under our KINDER belt and it is WONDERFUL to have a nice long weekend to recharge before we DIVE deep into September. 

OK... ya'll, I have SO many goals for TPT and my blog this year!  After attending the TPT conference, my head has been spinning!  I am overwhelmed but excited at the same time.  This month my focus is on adding meaningful blog posts and finding new blog friends! 

I love finding new friends who are just as obsessed, in a good way, with blogging, creating, and sharing great ideas.  I can't wait to meet more friends.  Speaking of that, I am so happy that I've found my FAB 5.  This is what we call ourselves.  We are a group of bloggers that met in VEGAS this year, which I now call my friends. Check them out, they are great friends/bloggers/teachers.
Haley from The School Belle

More TIME.  Right?

#1~  Alright, alright, alright...  I know, DISNEY? Well, I first visited Disney 2 years ago with our youngest daughter and it was the most magical trip EVER.  
COMBINE that with Christmas= BEST.VACAY.EVER
#2 ~ Tahiti.  Beaches, drinks, peace!
#3 Grand Canyon. I've never been there and I am sure that it would be a truly amazing experience.

So that's that.  
WHEW... my first CURRENTLY, completed.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until NEXT TIME...

5 Reasons Why~ Back to School = Extreme Exhaustion

5 Reasons Why Back to School = 
Extreme Exhaustion LINKY

I wake up BEFORE my alarm clock which has NOT seen 5am since June 9th.

I continue to drive to Target at 9pm for
"just one more thing". 

"I DO love their chevron carpets, I wonder what is on special on my Cartwheel today??? hmmm... lamps?"

Cutting out name tags, making labels, and laminating consumes me! Oh, and ALL of my free time. Wait? There's free time?

I ask my husband <3 to come to school after work, every day, just to help me hang one more thing. "One more thing" begins and ends most of my daily sentences.

Yep, he TOTALLY made my washy tape word wall! MWAUH!

I. HAVE. 27. Kinders.  

LINK UP and tell US why YOU are tired!!