What Works... and What didn't Work!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

YAY!  I am so happy to be involved in this AMAZING giveaway by teachers, FOR TEACHERS! A big warm hug to The Inspired Owl’s Corner and Pawsivitely Teaching for putting this together.
This LINKY is great.  Sharing SECRETS 
Ooo la la!
EXCEPT thatI am going to share with you 3 secrets that DIDN’T work for ME! And how I Learned from my mistakes.

It took me SIX YEARS to realize that crayons did not belong in a BIG tub in the middle of my student tables.
For 6 years I was dealing with
  Students constantly digging in the tub trying desperately to find the JUST>RIGHT>COLOR for their masterpieces.
There was Yelling and screaming ya’ll.
It was a wreck!
Then an angel came last from Lakeshore Learning. WHOA! 
Saved. MY. LIFE!
These are my UNSTOPPABLE, totally amazing crayon totes. 
So, we ALL know that we need to step it up in the organizing category, right? 
Well... ok, I did.  (Raising one eyebrow?) 
So, one secret that I’d like to share is how I organize my interactive notebooks and
 I ADORE my notebooks and I use them every week.  The students have worked SO hard with them.  This is what they looked like at the beginning. 
Can you see how beautiful they are?  Yes, I agree LOVE! 
I thought that it would be a great idea to have them design the front covers during the first month of school.  This would allow the students time to create pride and wonderment with their notebooks.

First of all, kinders at the beginning of school CANNOT COLOR! 
Nope. They just plain can’t. 
They need me like I need them. 
So guess what?
My notebooks this year are a HOT MESS!
Scribbles, crazy daisy colors, + some just colored with pencils all over the notebook.  Can you believe it?  Yep, I can.
 Every time I get them outI think
awe man 
Why did I do that?  So, next week we are going to strip off the front covers and make new ones and NEXT Year I will wait until the last month of school to design covers.
Three years ago, I fell in LOVE with Daily Five and I needed a way to organize my centers. I wanted a one-touch system that worked continuously, with me or without me.  Then, I found this at Michaels Arts and Crafts. 
I LOVE it. 
Each Center has a drawer and a purpose.  I will love this forever.

Until Next time LOVIES....

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Spring in our Step Linky


Thank you INSPIRED OWL FOR this awesome JUMPstart into SPRING! 
There is a GIVEAWAY people! Don’t forget to enter DOWN BELOW.
Have you noticed anything new?
Well, I do have a SPRING in my step!
This spring I am celebrating NEW beginnings.  As a family of FIVE, including 2 teenage boys, we’ve outgrown our 1st home.  Our house is on the market and we’ve been praying that it will sell soon.  We are looking for that DREAM home. 
REFLECTION. I’d like to reflect from my days a short time ago.  I was a newbie blogger last March and I had not yet met many bloggers with the same DREAM as I have. “To connect and see the world of education around the world.”  Well, after a JET to Vegas to meet everyone at TPT and a hop skip and jump to French Lick, I feel like I’ve made true friendships and I am off to explore new ground    
YAY!  Spring Resources! Do you know how sometimes you are just sitting there and BAM a great idea hits you in the face?  Well, that’s how I created my SPRING Writing Prompts.  I adore them!  There are 2 amazing things about them. 
1st:  I included a Self Check/Assessment area where students can check to make sure they are showing their very best work.
2nd: There is a peer review form for the student.  This way they can find a friend and share their writing.


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