Show and Tell Tuesday

Hello! Show and Tell Tuesday!
I am so excited to link up with the very 1st Show and Tell Tuesday with Stephanie at Forever in Fifth Grade.  PROPS to you girl for an awesome linky!

So here we go.  These are my Show and Tells.  They are quirky and funny.  Enjoy!
My first show and Tell…
DUH!  The bachelor has started!  I can’t believe it.  I’ve waited so long.  Ben, oh Ben.  Just get rid of Lacy and we will be all good.  Second, ABC why do we have a fantasy bracket for this show?  Come on… Ok, I’ll do it.

My Second Show and Tell is…
SIT SPOTS!  I love them.  Can you hear me?  
My kinders love them.  They are washable, lovable, and they totally transform your room into a color-coded masterpiece.  I have spots for morning meeting, line leaders, & sharing spots.  Awesome. Just awesome.

 My third Show and Tell is…
Interactive Math Notebooks!  Come on people are you notebooking?  Well, we just started our sorting section.  The kids loved it.  I love it.  All is well.

My fourth Show and Tell is…
So, a couple of months ago I completed my weather unit.  It was great unit but what made it amazing were the experiments.  My kinders couldn’t wait until the next one.  This is a picture of the “lets make it rain” experiment. All you need is: a clear glass, water, shaving cream, & food coloring  BOOM.  Magic will happen.

Until Next Time Love bugs!


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