5 Reasons Why~ Back to School = Extreme Exhaustion

5 Reasons Why Back to School = 
Extreme Exhaustion LINKY

I wake up BEFORE my alarm clock which has NOT seen 5am since June 9th.

I continue to drive to Target at 9pm for
"just one more thing". 

"I DO love their chevron carpets, I wonder what is on special on my Cartwheel today??? hmmm... lamps?"

Cutting out name tags, making labels, and laminating consumes me! Oh, and ALL of my free time. Wait? There's free time?

I ask my husband <3 to come to school after work, every day, just to help me hang one more thing. "One more thing" begins and ends most of my daily sentences.

Yep, he TOTALLY made my washy tape word wall! MWAUH!

I. HAVE. 27. Kinders.  

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Go Time!

Hi Ya'll! 
It's the first day of school and I am sitting at my kitchen table drinking coffee waiting for the day to come.  I am READY, the room is READY, and now all I need are my new kinders!  I can't wait to meet all 27 students!  

Afterward, I am going shopping at the BOOST sale!  My store is and 20% off plus the boost!

Until Next Time...



Made it Monday~ GO TIME!

Hello dear friends.  I have been off the radar for the last week trying desperately to get my room ready. Now it's GO TIME! I have 27, yep ya heard me 27 kinders coming on Wednesday.  I am SLAMMED with teacher meetings and last minute name changes.  ARGH!  Don't you hate that?  

Well, I L-O-V-E-D linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics a couple of weeks ago for their Made it Monday so I'M BAAAACKK!!

 This is my NEW literacy corner.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I found old school chalkboards behind my bulletin boards, painted them with black chalkboard paint and BAM ~ New to ME, chalkboards!  Also, I always struggle with where to put my word wall.  This time I decided to put it right about my supportive writing table.  I used washy tape, a level, and my dear hubby's help to put it up on the wall.  I really like them.  Also, I added Tara West's Freebie for the awesome alphabet. *Sorry for the fuzzy picture*

I remade my Reading Strategy posters.  Check them out, they are free in my TPT store!

 I couldn't figure out what to do with my closet doors??    Since I moved my word wall, I was worried that this space would go to waste.  I instilled the help of one of my dear friends and we decided to make it a BRAG BOARD!  I can display weekly student work.  So cute!  Above you will see a custom wall decal that I installed from KristiStickySigns on Esty.  I am going to put my classroom word webs, anchor charts, and interactive brainstorming sheets in this area.

LASTLY, don't forget that the BOOST sale is this Wednesday!  It's time to use all of my TPT credits from my purchases at the back to school sale!

Until Next Time...



Five for Friday and Friday FREEBIE!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday PLUS...  Teaching Blog Addict for my very FIRST Friday Freebie!  Let's GET ROLLING!

Let's START with the FREEBIE! 
I am currently on a quick trip before school starts. My last vacation. :(  On our 3 hour car trip I made new READING Strategy Posters for my classroom.  I wanted to make a FLASH Freebie for my SWEET blog/TPT followers.  
Go over to my TPT store to grab 'em!

This week I took my daughter to the dentist and this is what happened. Dun-Dun-DUUUUN!!!!

YEP!  It. IS. TRUE!  We went to the dentist for a cleaning and it turns out that my daughter's mouth is 
There is EVEN a tooth that is completely backwards. 
Just. MY. LUCK! Two in braces, awesome!
I am in the process of making  Classroom PENNANTS!  
I will post pics when I am done!  SO cute, eh?

So I was thinking...August really doesn't bring too much for a teacher, right? Let's remodel our bathrooms. (head shaking) Bad. idea.  

Now, for the best picture of ALL!  
Now, it's time to unplug and enjoy myself for this weekend. 

Until Next time!



Made it Monday!

I am super excited for my first link up with

DURING the madness yesterday,(running back and forth to my computer to buy more at the TPT sale) I managed to make a couple of things for my classroom!
Seats for my library has been on my list since 
Yep, ya'll these have been sitting in my garage for
My hubby was too happy to come home and see them done! HERE I GO!

I will post more pics of my library when it's finished.

Another project was a spray paint project AND if I would have known the "during" before the "END" I would have taken more pics. (Insert embarrassed pic here) 

 This is an old desk that I wanted to make black.  Simple, right?  Well, no. I don't spray paint.  My mom was a painter and I have always painted and restored everything the "right way".  
I am kind of pressed for time because we are leaving for a short vacation on Thursday so I thought "just spray paint it." What could go wrong? My mom is probably laughing from heaven. <3

From the pics, nothing looks like it went wrong but if you note back to the first pic, the bottle of MINERAL SPIRITS. Yep, that's because I was fully covered in spray paint after I used the entire can on half the desk.  Yes, I WAS fully covered in spray paint...down to my cuticles. 
It wasn't pretty.

 WHO KNEW that you DON'T take the white plastic thingy out???  I thought it was a protector or something.
 BOY was I wrong

My dad had to come over and rescue me!  He went to the hardware store to get mineral spirits CUZ that spray paint doesn't come off with soap ya'll!  I miss my paint!

It all turned out ok, but it was SO drama!  I wish I would have taken more pics hopefully you have some funny pictures in your head right now. :)

So that's why I don't spray paint!



Make Kindergarten Math FUN?

Over the last year I've asked myself, how can I make math MORE FUN?  I tried manipulatives, dancing around counting (fun, yes!), games, and pretty much everything I've read on my fav blogs.  I thought...maybe I am NOT a math person?!  That can't be true?  If you give me a Language Arts lesson I can ROCK IT OUT of the park!  I KNOW I can make my math lessons better! 

Then came INTERACTIVE math journals and it was like the heavens opened and angels were singing!  This was my answer. So... I bought a couple of resources and began to find out what works for my kids.  MY. KIDS. LOVED. THEM!

This summer I buckled down and began to create my own!  There are a few things that I figured out during my interactive notebook journey.

BE INTENTIONAL and Directional with your directions! 
I always number mine!

Make the Journal something to be PROUD of!  
Superheroes are SO fun!
Allow time and MODEL along with your students.  
I create a journal WITH my students!

DIVIDE your journal into parts.  This HELPS with organization and allows for easy access to selected parts for conferences!

SO here they are in ALL of their glory
 I LOVE them!

NOW, I am going off the grid for awhile! 
 Cheers to a LONG WEEKEND!

Until Next time!


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