Five for FriBOOday!

Linking up with one of my favs!!

Five for FriBOOday!

Happy Halloween!
Let's start with the Basics.
 I. Love. Candy. Corn.

Which led to this...

Thanks Abby Mullins!

Which then led to this!

 I know.  I am a bit obsessed with Candy Corn. 
Point taken.

My cutie Jack-o-Lanterns!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you the mental images that I find floating through my head during Halloween week.

Until Next time... 




Five for Friday~ October 24

I am linking up with Doodlebugs Teaching for another Five for Friday!
I am not going to hide the elephant in the room.  

This has been a hard week.  
It always is.

If you've lost someone, their birthday and their death date are always hard. 

I lost my mom. 
 I didn't want to be in this club, but I am.

Monday was my mom's birthday. 
Tuesday was her death date.  Sucks, right?

Although social media saturates our society, it was nice to know that "they" were thinking about my mom on Monday. Even if "they" really isn't anyone but me.  
It some how made her feel close to me.

So yeah, that's my #1.

Since I wasn't up for much this week, I thought I would put together a blog post about resources that I am currently in LOVE with.  Check out my post about Alphabet Puzzles.

This week my kinders completed a non-fiction 
Pumpkin unit.  
It was a great week, teaching wise. Here is one of my favorite anchor charts for the week. 
I totally made this at 5:00am on Tuesday.  I think I did a pretty good job. :)

In math, we used our estimating skills to measure around our class pumpkin~ Petey. 
Yep, named him. 
I kind of have a problem naming things in my room.  
(I should probably do a post about that.)
 Here are some of our mental images after our week.  
" I c a pumpkin."  
~ LOVE-LOVE-LOVE phonetic spelling

  Until Next Time...  tell someone you love them today.


Making Connections with Alphabet Puzzles

As I was sitting back planning for my next week in kindergarten, I thought about how well my little kinders are doing in their literacy and supportive writing centers.  I have been FLOORED with their work.

I wish I could say that it is because I am a TRUE miracle worker and everything that comes out of my mouth is  utter teaching GENUIS 


to be honest it is because I have some wonderful teaching resources.

So today, I wanted to share something that I am currently using that I love.


Alphabet puzzles have been around for a long time but if you do not use them consistently or within the right context, you could misuse them or EVEN worse... NOT use them at all.

So, here are 5 Ways to 
Make Connections with Alphabet Puzzles

Alphabet Puzzles peek the interest of others AND keep students engaged!

Alphabet Puzzles promote alphabet recognition.
 Alphabet Puzzles build sound inventories.
 Alphabet Puzzles boost confidence PLUS they are just plain fun!

If you are interested in these puzzles stop by my TPT store below.

Until Next Time...


Oh... LICE me!

My week, in this order.
5 students.  5!  Did you hear me? 

FIVE students 

out of 27 have head lice in my room.

Oh brother...  here we go.

Check after check after check... 

1, then 2, then 3, then 4, NOW... 5!


I might not make it!

Let's just pray that

 I make it outta here bug free.

Only time will tell.  


 And lots and lots of pony tails.

Until Next Time...



Five for FRIDAY- Oct 10

HAPPY Friday!
It's been a great week! 

I am SOooOOoOO
 looking forward to the weekend!  
Welcome Fall!

Today tonight I am going to LINK up with Doodle Bugs 
for a 
Five for Friday!

It's fall and it was wonderful to take my kinders up to Michigan to experience a working Apple Orchard.

Last week we focused on the Changing Seasons.  
I just LOVED how these turned out.  

My kinders completed these in a supportive writing center.  I wrote 'LEAVES' and my kinders wrote 'The' and added their own ideas.  

How cute, eh?
I teach the 6 + 1 Writing Traits.  

Every year I make a "growing" trait board and add picture cues to each flower in the (pot) garden.  

My kinders EAT IT UP!

My week was filled with FUNDATION letters and sounds!  

It was sort of an ABC SPIN CLASS of sorts.  

I intro'd all of the letters and circled back around through the letters each and every day.

I don't know if you KNOW Becky Castle over at
but if you DON'T????  
You're missing out! 
 She is AAAAAAHHHHH-mazing! 

 I bought her poetry BUNDLE and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH!  There is so much you can do with it!  We have Poetry Thursdays and the KINDERS cheer each time!  
My lesson included adding to our color poems.  I have the students write the words in pencil, circle with the color word crayon, and then add color details.  I introduce the poem on my smart board and we echo it all afternoon during our lesson.




October Currently

I am linking up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade
for a Currently post.  
I agree.  I cannot believe it is already October!

Listening: I DO LOVE College Football and I am a DIE HARD ND fan!  Come on Irish, Beat Stanford!

Loving: I ADORE fonts, and right now I am MADLY in love with my HELLO FONTS Commercial License.  Hello Literacy is amazing.  This product is TOTALLY worth the moolah!

Thinking: Yep, I need to work out.  With the holidays a-coming... I betta get my act together!

Wanting: Fall clothes.... ahhhh!!!  I WANT STITCH FIX!!!  Do you?  I think it's awesome.  I might try it soon!

Needing: I am watching football with my dad, my family, my sister, and I am LOVIN' it!
TRICK OR TREAT???  DEFINITELY... TREATS for sure!  Yeah, that's why I need to go to the gym!

Until Next time... BOO!

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