FUN with Snowflakes!

Over break I put together this mini Snowflake Unit.  Check it out.  I will post pictures of my students using it after break.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PLUS, who doesn't love SUDOKU? 

AND… It's FREE!~ even better, eh?

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Revision ALERT!

I updated my TPT banner today.  I love it! I plan to revise some of my weather products this break.  Look for the revisions!

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SDE Conference

As promised.  These are my best tips, quotes, and ideas learned at the Indiana Kindergarten Conference.

1.  "You can't talk to CRAZY!" Dan St. Romain

Dan was amazing.  If you have even been able to see him then, you are LUCKY!~  He is an energetic and dynamic speaker.  He shared, during a break out session on power struggles, that you need to make sure you "don't talk to crazy cuz you can't talk to crazy!" Meaning? ~When students begin to do things, say things, or behave in a "crazy" way, it is your job NOT to add fuel to the fire.  Ignore and create a distraction.  I loved this! I will not only use this within the classroom, I will use this with my own teenagers.  Great advice! Now, which kid will say "I hate you mom" first?  I got this! Thanks Dan!

2.  Interactive Journals ~ Deanna Jump

Now, I know about interactive journals but I really didn't KNOW about them until I watched Deanna Jump present on them.  WOW!  I am sold.  I am already revamping my writing portfolio.

3.  Dot Plates, Rekenreks, and 5 frames OH MY! ~ Kim Adsit

Kim Adsit had a math break out session that awakened my inner mathematician.    I took away mini lessons using ALL of the above items in a NEW and fresh way!  I am already out buying paper plates and laminating my rekenreks.  If you have not yet used rekenreks, USE'EM!

4.  Last, but certainly NOT least… DEBBIE CLEMENT!

Now, if you know Debbie, you know Debbie!  No introduction needed.  Her outlandish outfits paired with her incredible music = KINDERGARTEN! She inspired me to find myself a Tugle fugle bugle plus... I already taught my class Tops and Bottoms!  

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I wanted to send a quick post to ANYONE and everyone that is listening. I am, at this very moment, at the State Conference for Indiana Kindergarten Teachers in Indianapolis, Indiana  and since I just plugged my blog at the beginning of another AMAZING presentation by Deanna Jump, I thought I better update the posts before y'all visit me!  
Ok, first of all, I was totally starstruck when Deanna Jump called on me and asked me to share my blog. Whew, if anyone was there please comment because I have to laugh...  I totally forgot the name of my blog when she called on me.  That was hilarious! 
This conference was just what I needed 10 days before Christmas break.  I promise I will post the 5 BEST tools, advice, and quotes that I learned at this conference tonight.  Look for my next post.  PLUS, I have all of my Thanksgiving classroom work to showcase as well.  
Until next time...

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