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 I can't wait until it's OSCAR TIME!

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Time to the Hour

Let's talk about
I enjoy teaching my kinders how to tell time to the hour.  I begin by teaching the basics.
#1: Identify the parts of an analog clock.
Don’t assume that any student knows the parts of a clock. Your mini lesson should include showing and teaching the face, hands, numbers, shape, and differences between a Judy clock and all of the other “fancy” clocks that students may have at their own homes.  They need to see and know the standard form for an analog clock.
#2: USE the Judy CLOCK
 anduse it All. The. Time.
Get it time- HA!

I have a big one, I have little ones, I have one that sits next to me.  I am always switching the time and asking for the time.
Daily practice, people!
#3: Have students make their own clocks. 
Here are mine. 

Simple and useful. 

Below you will notice some of my personal touches that took 9 years to master. (hee hee)



Word Work Ideas

Hello Friends!

Today I wanted to share some of my FAVORITE Word Work Activities and Games!

These cards are from Buzz into Kinder.  
I love her CVC Word Packet

Build-a-Word Cards are below.  Excellent for short vowel sound practice.

Miss Kindergarten Love.

Her Read and Reveal packet makes all the difference in Word work, guided reading, and building fluency practice.
Interactive Notebooks for the ALPHABET?

Yes, please.

My kinders enjoy working with alphabet picture card puzzles!
Who doesn't love alphabets?  

I found these at the first TPT conference in Vegas. I forgot where I bought them from, sorry.  If you know, please comment down below.
Until Next time lovies...
Keep dreaming, keep teaching, and don't stop believing.

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