BUILD-A-Word Boards

Building CVC words can be fun!  
My students LOVE using Build-a-Word boards in our small literacy groups. 
I LOVE lamentation!  
I may be slightly addicted to my scotch laminator. Just a little bit.  
I saaaay that I laminate the papers to keep them from year to year  
BUT... MAY laminate them to keep them SAFE from the germies that live in my classroom. :)
  One of the great things about magnetic letters is that many of my sets differentiate the vowels!  
This is great for a short mini lesson on short/long vowel sounds.
Who isn't?  Am I made out of ink?
I think not.
That's why I LOVE when I print out these vowel pages, staple them together and POOF! I have a cute little vowel book that I can use as a performance assessment.

Until Next Time LOVIES!



Who doesn't LOVE a sale?

Did ya hear? 
Did ya hear?



Five for Friday~ Eric Carle

Hooking up with one of my Favs!

Hey! Mother Nature!  
Yeah... I said HEY! 
I'm kinda done with this snow!  
I WANT spring!  I miss her!
I want to smell flowers and grass.
I want to not have to carry my shoes and wear boots.  
I am DONE trying to fit my bulky sweater inside of my down winter coat.  
I can't wait until I am able to stand outside with the kids at recess and not turn into an icicle.
 On the days that we DID go to school this week, which was THREE! I was able to begin my Eric Carle Author Study!  Here are some amazing art pieces that we started.  Our mentor text was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I read it on Monday while I introduced Eric Carle. We take time to learn about the author before we read any of their literature. If you study Eric Carle then I suggest that you use his website as a tool.  It shows how unique he is as an illustrator AND an author.

As you can see, I LOVE painting tissue paper.  I feel that it provides my kinders with an authentic connection to the author and text. 
We watch, look, and learn his techniques and then we paint our own. 
 The students paint tissue paper as a whole group to prep our ART center for the week.  We make very hungry caterpillars of our own. 
 I trace circles on the back of the painted tissue paper and the students cut them out and assemble their caterpillar during the center.  (See Above Picture)

This year I wanted to have BIG pictures from my mentor text so that I could sequence the story in a whole group setting but still have them small enough that students could use them in a literacy center.  

I was very happy to find PINK AT HEART!  Her cards worked wonders.  I enlarged them to poster size and printed them out. My students enjoyed them as I introduced our mentor text AND then they were able to use them in our Read to Self Literacy Center.

I saved the BEST for last!  This goes out in the hallway.  It is a finger painted back drop with another art project from The Very Lonely Firefly. 
It's Awesome, right?  I LOVE IT!!!!
 I will tell you, this picture is from years past, with 2 snow days this week we haven't even ATTEMPTED this yet.  
Still, I had to share. Don't you just LOVE it!

Thanks for reading and...

Until Next time LOVIES!



Five for Friday (FRIDAY THE 13th????)

Good morning everyone!
  I. have. been. so. busy.  Buuuut who isn't?  Well, my husband and I are trying to put our house up for sale and school has been crazy! I haven't linked up with Doodle Bugs in a while and I feel SO bad!  
Well, I'm baaaack!

 This week we worked with CVC words in our Word Work station.  We used a BUILD-a-WORD pamphlet book to assist with identifying beginning and ending sounds with short vowels. These vowel books worked just great! Afterward the students used whisper phones to recite the identified picture and spell the word.  My students love using whisper phones!

 I LOVE  love LOVE you Teeny Tiny!!!!!  
I am a Talk About It Tuesday STALKER!!!!  
I love her posts about the bachelor.  If you haven't read them then you BETTER GO!  
Oh, and this week she has a great post about Binder Organization too!  All her posts are awesome.  I adore her!

I can't believe I was just a little one when this happened. This week I thought a lot about the east coast and everything they are going through with all of their snow.   


Until next time LOVIES!



Pick 3 February LINKY!

Ok, ok, okaaaaaayy
 let's get a 
on it!  
I'm. done.

I need warm weather.
Like now. 
Like yesterday. 
Like...I need the Bachelor AND MTV Skeletons 
to be on every day.
I can't even wait! NOPE.

  Well.. if I can't have warm weather in Indiana 
I guess I am going to find PINS that
 WARM my heart!
Cheers to
for the Pick Three Linky

You know I can't have a PICK 3 without 
YUCK... I love it.
 Click on the pic for the Original PIN

So Cute!  
I am going to make these for my kinders for Valentine's Day.
Click on the pic for the Original Pin.

 ADORBS right?
Click on the pic for the Original Pin.

Link up to share your Favorite Pinterest Pins that inspire you for FEBRUARY!

Happy V-DAY!


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