CURRENTLY September 2014

I. AM. SO. excited! to link up for my 1st CURRENTLY!  
I've been reading them for. like. EVER

 THANK YOU FARLEY for hosting and sharing the RULES!  Without further adieu, Here. I. go!

I LOVE listening to my husband mow the grass.  It reminds me of family, living, and loving.  I don't know what it is, maybe it's just the speed of it all.  It allows me slow down, enjoy my day and, SMILE!

We have 8 days under our KINDER belt and it is WONDERFUL to have a nice long weekend to recharge before we DIVE deep into September. 

OK... ya'll, I have SO many goals for TPT and my blog this year!  After attending the TPT conference, my head has been spinning!  I am overwhelmed but excited at the same time.  This month my focus is on adding meaningful blog posts and finding new blog friends! 

I love finding new friends who are just as obsessed, in a good way, with blogging, creating, and sharing great ideas.  I can't wait to meet more friends.  Speaking of that, I am so happy that I've found my FAB 5.  This is what we call ourselves.  We are a group of bloggers that met in VEGAS this year, which I now call my friends. Check them out, they are great friends/bloggers/teachers.
Haley from The School Belle

More TIME.  Right?

#1~  Alright, alright, alright...  I know, DISNEY? Well, I first visited Disney 2 years ago with our youngest daughter and it was the most magical trip EVER.  
COMBINE that with Christmas= BEST.VACAY.EVER
#2 ~ Tahiti.  Beaches, drinks, peace!
#3 Grand Canyon. I've never been there and I am sure that it would be a truly amazing experience.

So that's that.  
WHEW... my first CURRENTLY, completed.  Thanks for stopping by!

Until NEXT TIME...



  1. I always need more time in the day! I grew up near Disneyland, so I can confirm that a Disney trip at Christmastime is amazing! I've never been to the Grand Canyon either, but would like to make it there someday. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day!
    The Traveling Teacher

  2. I've never been to Disneyland in the states (only in Japan) so I would love to go as well! I love Disney! But it might be hard to convince my boyfriend lol I found you through Farley's linky and your blog is SO cute!

  3. Your blog is so cute! I teach Kinders too! I love Disney at Christmastime, but I have to say it's my favorite at Halloween. Maybe because I love Halloween so much.

  4. I love Mondays at home, too! Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day. :)

  5. Disney at Christmas is beautiful! Love that you call your Vegas friends the fab 5, I met a lot of great people in Vegas this Summer too. It's so fun being around others that love teaching and TPT as much as you do!! I just posted for my 1st time with the "currently" linky also! Have a great week!
    Tickled Pink in Primary

  6. I also would love to go to Disney around Christmas time. We have some friends that went and said on top of the amazing décor the weather was perfect. We are planning a trip for Sara Jo next year. Probably early spring. I'm so excited because she LOVES her little Minnie Doll.

  7. I am just entering the kinder blogging madness and I am in desperate need of blogging friends. Im the only K teacher at my school and unfortunately I don't get to go to cool K or blogging conferences. :( Any tips?

    1. Miss Peden, I would do exactly what you are doing. I am blogger stalker. I LOVE so many blogs and I am constantly online finding new ones with great ideas. I also suggest finding some collaborative pinterest boards to find other great ideas too! Best of luck!

  8. Okay...we need to vacation together! Tahiti can be on my list too and I've always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. Oh...and we put the same thing about more time! BTW, love the font that you used! I have a font addiction!

    1. I AM totally addicted to fonts! I can't stop myself when I see a cute font! Vacay together sounds excellent!

  9. I am seriously considering attending the next TpT conference. I'm so sorry I missed the first one. It sounds like you had an exciting time. As far as having more time in the day, I am totally with you because I have so many ideas to share.


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