Five for Friday~ Eric Carle

Hooking up with one of my Favs!

Hey! Mother Nature!  
Yeah... I said HEY! 
I'm kinda done with this snow!  
I WANT spring!  I miss her!
I want to smell flowers and grass.
I want to not have to carry my shoes and wear boots.  
I am DONE trying to fit my bulky sweater inside of my down winter coat.  
I can't wait until I am able to stand outside with the kids at recess and not turn into an icicle.
 On the days that we DID go to school this week, which was THREE! I was able to begin my Eric Carle Author Study!  Here are some amazing art pieces that we started.  Our mentor text was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  I read it on Monday while I introduced Eric Carle. We take time to learn about the author before we read any of their literature. If you study Eric Carle then I suggest that you use his website as a tool.  It shows how unique he is as an illustrator AND an author.

As you can see, I LOVE painting tissue paper.  I feel that it provides my kinders with an authentic connection to the author and text. 
We watch, look, and learn his techniques and then we paint our own. 
 The students paint tissue paper as a whole group to prep our ART center for the week.  We make very hungry caterpillars of our own. 
 I trace circles on the back of the painted tissue paper and the students cut them out and assemble their caterpillar during the center.  (See Above Picture)

This year I wanted to have BIG pictures from my mentor text so that I could sequence the story in a whole group setting but still have them small enough that students could use them in a literacy center.  

I was very happy to find PINK AT HEART!  Her cards worked wonders.  I enlarged them to poster size and printed them out. My students enjoyed them as I introduced our mentor text AND then they were able to use them in our Read to Self Literacy Center.

I saved the BEST for last!  This goes out in the hallway.  It is a finger painted back drop with another art project from The Very Lonely Firefly. 
It's Awesome, right?  I LOVE IT!!!!
 I will tell you, this picture is from years past, with 2 snow days this week we haven't even ATTEMPTED this yet.  
Still, I had to share. Don't you just LOVE it!

Thanks for reading and...

Until Next time LOVIES!



  1. Haha! I have almost the SAME picture of "Show of hands, who's tired of snow?" I guess we're REALLY tired of it! Your Eric Carle projects are stunning. I love when students get to experience the art that goes into their favorite books. Thank you for sharing!
    The Starr Spangled Planner

  2. No snow days here in Texas. Actually a little bit jealous! :) What fabulous Eric Carle activities. I bookmarked it for when we do our author study of him this year. They came out really beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

    Not Just Child's Play

  3. Omg I LOVE Eric Carle! The art projects are so cute! I'll have to remember those for the future :)

    Pili | Glitter and Gradebooks

  4. Thanks everyone! Wow! What great feedback!

  5. I put the same "tired of snow" picture as number 1 on my blog too today! Apparently it is definitely time for spring to arrive! Your Eric Carle unit looks so fun, it almost makes me want to switch to teaching little kids. Almost!

  6. I had to comment on the amazing art projects and author study! Absolutely beautiful. Do you use tissue paper with the colors that bleed when it gets wet? It stains, but the effects are wonderful. You've inspired me!! Your blog is fantastic.

    1. Thanks so much Sandy! I use tempera paint and sponges on the tissue paper. You have to be very delicate but it works so well. Thank you for your kind words!

  7. Loving all that art! I'm ready for spring too! :)


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