FUN with Snowflakes!

Over break I put together this mini Snowflake Unit.  Check it out.  I will post pictures of my students using it after break.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

PLUS, who doesn't love SUDOKU? 

AND… It's FREE!~ even better, eh?

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Revision ALERT!

I updated my TPT banner today.  I love it! I plan to revise some of my weather products this break.  Look for the revisions!

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SDE Conference

As promised.  These are my best tips, quotes, and ideas learned at the Indiana Kindergarten Conference.

1.  "You can't talk to CRAZY!" Dan St. Romain

Dan was amazing.  If you have even been able to see him then, you are LUCKY!~  He is an energetic and dynamic speaker.  He shared, during a break out session on power struggles, that you need to make sure you "don't talk to crazy cuz you can't talk to crazy!" Meaning? ~When students begin to do things, say things, or behave in a "crazy" way, it is your job NOT to add fuel to the fire.  Ignore and create a distraction.  I loved this! I will not only use this within the classroom, I will use this with my own teenagers.  Great advice! Now, which kid will say "I hate you mom" first?  I got this! Thanks Dan!

2.  Interactive Journals ~ Deanna Jump

Now, I know about interactive journals but I really didn't KNOW about them until I watched Deanna Jump present on them.  WOW!  I am sold.  I am already revamping my writing portfolio.

3.  Dot Plates, Rekenreks, and 5 frames OH MY! ~ Kim Adsit

Kim Adsit had a math break out session that awakened my inner mathematician.    I took away mini lessons using ALL of the above items in a NEW and fresh way!  I am already out buying paper plates and laminating my rekenreks.  If you have not yet used rekenreks, USE'EM!

4.  Last, but certainly NOT least… DEBBIE CLEMENT!

Now, if you know Debbie, you know Debbie!  No introduction needed.  Her outlandish outfits paired with her incredible music = KINDERGARTEN! She inspired me to find myself a Tugle fugle bugle plus... I already taught my class Tops and Bottoms!  

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I wanted to send a quick post to ANYONE and everyone that is listening. I am, at this very moment, at the State Conference for Indiana Kindergarten Teachers in Indianapolis, Indiana  and since I just plugged my blog at the beginning of another AMAZING presentation by Deanna Jump, I thought I better update the posts before y'all visit me!  
Ok, first of all, I was totally starstruck when Deanna Jump called on me and asked me to share my blog. Whew, if anyone was there please comment because I have to laugh...  I totally forgot the name of my blog when she called on me.  That was hilarious! 
This conference was just what I needed 10 days before Christmas break.  I promise I will post the 5 BEST tools, advice, and quotes that I learned at this conference tonight.  Look for my next post.  PLUS, I have all of my Thanksgiving classroom work to showcase as well.  
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5 for Friday (A Day late!)

Five for Friday Time!

1. Halloween WEEK
The week started with pumpkin carving.  My kinders loved it.  It began with estimating how many seeds.  Our classroom guess was 65 seeds.  We counted, sorted, and cleaned 535! WHOA!

2. Writing/Drawing Mental Images
In our Daily Five centers the students enjoyed listening to the story Pumpkin Town by Katie Mcky and created these amazing mental images.  Our kindergarten reading strategy focus for the month is Mental Imaging.  Look at the invented spelling!  "Punkins are eyreware" <3

3. Independent Writing
 Students wrote about what they were going to be for Halloween.
<3 "I am a ninja." <3

4. LOVED my new freebie~
 Candy Corn Match Up
I found this on Freebielicious (I think).  It was from Caitlin Clabby Kindergarten Smiles.  She is AWESOME. I added the link to the picture.  Check her out!

5. Give Thanks!
This month I decided to end my posts with something that I am thankful for.  

This week I am thankful for my children,their smiles light up my life.  

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Five For Friday!

It's Five for Friday Time!  Here we GO!

1.  Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!  
This week we learned about pumpkins.  I just might love <3 these paper strip pumpkins more than my kiddos!  SO CUTE!

2.  Classroom Traveler!
 Our classroom traveler, Dixie made her first appearance this week!  The students can't wait to take her home and have adventures with her!

3. BRRRrrr...  It's getting cold in the midwest!
We started our weather unit.  In our word work center the students enjoyed making their own booklets!  Check out the highlighted sight words!!!

4. Pumpkin Estimations!
  The students had a ball estimating how long the yarn needed to be to fit around our classroom pumpkin.

 If you remember a couple of Five for Friday's ago, my son was sick.  This week we ended up in the ER on Monday afternoon.  All in all, he is on the mend. :) They are testing him for parasites.  He might have picked up a bug in Ecuador when he visited this summer.  <3

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It's been awhile!

I know I have not posted in awhile.  I wanted to first start with some of the amazing things that my classroom has been working on.  I am going to call it... 
KINDER Wonders!

1.  My students loved our weather unit.  They enjoyed my emergent readers and excelled at creating mental images.  Check them out!

My students ALWAYS circle sight words yellow and end marks red.

2. Take a look at my Apple Showcase.  These are some pics from my hallway showcase.  The students did a great job!  Check out my Apple Unit for some of these ideas.

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TPT hit 100K Facebook likes.  WOW! Congrats!  In celebration, I am having a 20% off sale.  In addition to my sale, enter FB100K to get another 10% off!

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Morning Message Monday

Here is another installment of Morning Message Monday.  This week I used the message to introduce our theme for the week.  SEASONS.  The students enjoyed finding all of the end marks, capital letters, and sight words.  My Student of the Week took home the message and wrote a message to the class on the back.  ENJOY!



FALL Beginning and Ending Sound Cards!

I just finished my Fall Sound Cards.  
Here is a sneak peek!



Go Notre Dame!

In honor of the 4th Notre Dame game (+ a WIN!), I am going to give away 4 of my Fall Literacy and Math Activity Sets!!!!  Comment below (include contact info), follow my blog and my TPT, and I will select FOUR fans to win a copy of my Fall Literacy and Math Activities!   Good luck and GO IRISH! 
I extended this giveaway until 6pm EST today, Sunday, September 22.  I already have 1 winner.  The other winners will be picked randomly. Sending files via Google Drive or Dropbox.



Five for Friday!

This is my 2nd Five for Friday!  Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching!

1. Learning our Traits of Writing.  

During my Writer's Workshop launch I introduce one trait at a time.  This week we focused on IDEAS.  I want the students to create mental images for each writing trait. This pictorial reference helps for building automaticity with the traits. For the trait of ideas, I use a lightbulb.  My mini lesson included allowing the students to draw or write inside the lightbulb items or things that they know a lot about. As we become writers I teach students that writers/authors write about things that they know a lot about.  These will become writing topics in the future. Check out the amazing use of labels in this piece. :)

I absolutely LOVE watching kinders use watercolors.  This was our first watercolor project and my students enjoyed each and every moment.  They were mesmerized as they wrote their color words and then watercolored over the top.  So cute!

3. Back to APPLES!  
Here are pictures of my Apple Homework display and my hallway Apple Showcase.  The Apple homework is on the window of my loft. I know this isn't in the best place but it IS inside the classroom and all of my students can see their work. WHICH THEY LOVE! My Apple Showcase will continue through next week. 


Friday we made applesauce.  I turned my kinder scientists into mathematicians as we read the recipe and added ingredients.  The smell overcame the school and many flocked to our room for a taste!

5.  Grateful! I had a very sick 13 year old this week.  He missed 3 days of school with the stomach flu.  I am thankful and grateful that he is feeling better. 

Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching!

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40! Really? AWESOME!

I just wanted to toot my own horn and say that my TPT store hit 40 followers!  To me 40 feels like a million!  I am SO excited!  I threw a sale and added many more items to my Fall Literacy/Math Unit!

Until next time... (giggling... so happy I can't sleep)


APPLES, Apples, and MoRe ApPlEs!

Good evening friends! Today was the beginning of APPLE week with my kinders.  Our day began with the Morning Message.  The kids loved reading about what we are going to be learning about.  They LOVED the pictures and expressed their joy when they could "read the pictures" in my message. As always we continued with identifying end marks, playing "letters and sounds", and circling the sight words.

Ok, typo...  I should of said "an apple"  darn it. :0

After our message, I introduced our theme with an apple diagram.  A long time ago I found a diagram of an apple on a blog, and I loved it.  This is my representation of the blog pic.  I wish I could remember the blog.  I will look for it.  I wouldn't want anyone to go without the credit.

After the diagram, I began a KWL chart that we will add to throughout the week.  I think they asked really great questions.  They seemed very interested in finding what was inside an apple core.  I can't wait to show them after we make applesauce on Thursday!

Until next time...


Kid President's Pep Talk to Teachers and Students!

I just saw this today.  I think it was on another blog.  I am sorry I can't remember which one...Oh wait!
Yep, it was Miss Kings Enchanted Kingdom!

So cute I had to share!

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Five For Friday! MY FIRST Linky Party!

Here I go....  My first Linky Party.  Thanks !

So, I think this is how it works. I need to post 5 randoms things from the week!

I have been so busy trying to get ready for next week.  It will be apple week ya'll!  Here are some of my activities. I just finished updating and placing it on my TPT.

2. Blog lovin'

I totally just found them!  I know, I know where have I been?

3. Rainbows and Color Words!
This week we have been busy learning about colors!  We watched the ROY G. BIV youtube video from They Might Be Giants.  It's awesome!ROY G. BIV Video!

4. Rainbow Labeling! 
My kinders had a great time labeling rainbows this week!

5.  I spent today at the doctor.
  My 7 year old daughter was sick!  The UPSIDE?  I learned about this awesome linky party!  Thank you so much 

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Morning Message Monday

Today I want to begin to share some of my classroom mini lessons.  One of my KEY lessons for phonological and phonemic awareness is my daily morning message.  The message is always written in a letter format.  I always include repetitive sight words to promote automaticity and retention, introductions to new units, and our daily agenda.  This is a copy of today's morning message.
Intro Message on Color Words

To begin I pull a "star stick", popsicle stick with a child's name on it. I ask the student to identify the "short date". (Located in the top right corner) They read the short date. We discuss the short and long ways to write today's date.  Next,  I ask the student if they know any words in my message? If not, t I ask them to identify letters.   Finally, if they are a reader they read the message.  If not, I help them.  All students end with a round of applause! THEN the work begins!  Below is the final copy after ALL of our work this morning.

After our Mini Lesson

Today we identified the greeting and the closing of the letter as well as the short date.  I wrote those in for you to see.  Students identify END MARKS with a red circle (B/c Red Means STOP) and we talk about what each end mark means.  Period: STOPS A SENTENCE  Exclamation Mark: REALLY EXCITED  Question Mark: ASKS A QUESTION.  
Next, we identify the capital letters that start the sentences by underlining them twice with a green marker.  (B/c green means GO). After that, we play "Letters and Sounds".  The students find all of the capital letters and we review the letter and the sound.  
Concluding the message is our "sight word hunt".  I circle (with a cloud today) sight words and we echo them together as a class.  OH!  Also I zig zagged the "time word" - after!I hope you enjoyed Today's Morning Message!  The student reader gets to take home the message and share with their family.

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