I wanted to send a quick post to ANYONE and everyone that is listening. I am, at this very moment, at the State Conference for Indiana Kindergarten Teachers in Indianapolis, Indiana  and since I just plugged my blog at the beginning of another AMAZING presentation by Deanna Jump, I thought I better update the posts before y'all visit me!  
Ok, first of all, I was totally starstruck when Deanna Jump called on me and asked me to share my blog. Whew, if anyone was there please comment because I have to laugh...  I totally forgot the name of my blog when she called on me.  That was hilarious! 
This conference was just what I needed 10 days before Christmas break.  I promise I will post the 5 BEST tools, advice, and quotes that I learned at this conference tonight.  Look for my next post.  PLUS, I have all of my Thanksgiving classroom work to showcase as well.  
Until next time...


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