Back to School Take Home Bags

Hello Friends!

I am VERY excited to share with you my Take Home Bag revisions.  I worked and worked on updating my Birthday, Student of the Week, and Toothless Wonders bags.  I included new FLAIR, STYLE, and of course, clip art/fonts/borders.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am on my way to staples to buy new binders.
This is my Birthday Bag!  The students LOVE to take it home and share about their birthday.

This bag is for my Student or Star of the Week.  It included home and school activities.

Doesn't everyone LOOSE a tooth in kindergarten?  They WILL with this take home activity!

Finally, my pride and joy...  
the Bundled Set of ALL 3 bags!  

Check out what's inside!

Until Next Time...


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