HOW TO PREP Interactive Notebooks For SUCCESS!

There are SO many resources out there for Interactive Notebooks.  
Where do you Start?  
Well, I went SURFING, web surfing~ DUH!! 
 I found a plethora of information out there.  

There REALLY are great teachers doing REALLY amazing things with Interactive Notebooks.  

So, I took a little of this, a whole lotta of that
added my own FLAIR... 
and BANG~ POW~ (a bit of sparkles of course
and I have my own Interactive Notebooks. 

 This post is dedicated to the teachers that inspired me to accomplish SUCCESSFUL interactive notebooks in KINDERGARTEN! 
Please click on the links to find other posts that talk about interactive notebook success and implementations.

I don't know about you, but I am a VISUAL learner.  
I learn by seeing, looking, and watching. 
 I wanted this post to be a PEEK or a LOOK at 


So, here goes.  My Prep!

1st~ You will need Wide Ruler Spiral Notebooks. 
I like to find ALL black notebooks because it makes the cover STAND OUT!
 2nd~  You will need to make a cover for your notebook.  
I am using my Mathematician Superhero Notebook.  Print it out and be conscious of the exact size.  I always want it to cover all of the WORDS on the front of the notebooks. 
Use Rubber Cement to secure.
 Notebook Covers Secure.

3rd~ Find your DUCK TAPE style!  
I HEART LOVED pin that I saw I while back from Kristen's Kindergarten.  
The pin said to use DUCK tape to cover the spirals.
Light BULB idea...  
This will help me store the notebooks and prevent spiral snarl. (hee hee)

  This was a GOD SEND! 
So, #3 is find your STYLE! 
4th~ This is where my own FLAIR comes in.  
I found that one piece of duck tape does NOT work. I add the first piece to the front first. You will need to really watch where you space it on the notebook.  I bought a couple of notebooks for trial and error purposes to avoid any problems.  This really saved me.  

I still have nightmares that I never checked that out ahead of time.

 I place my duck tape about 1/2 inch after the spirals, on top of the 3 holes to avoid problems while opening.
4th Continued...
 I add another piece on the back for durability.
Spiral PREP done.
Your spirals should allow students to open the notebook easily and keep the spirals safe for easy storage.  
 You will LOVE your SEA of Interactive Notebooks.
 5th~ Another REALLY great idea came from Valerie Young when she was blogging on Corkboard Connections. I loved this idea too!

Add an ENVELOPE in your notebook.
Do you know why?  We ALL know why!  

You always have that sweet little doll of a child that NEVER, EVER, finishes, ANYTHING!  

This will save your life when he/she can't find their pieces that they couldn't finish last time! 
 NOW, our/YOUR Interactive Notebooks are BEAUTIFULLY and Completely Prepped!
Now, if they would only stay this pretty! :)

If you are interested
in my Superhero Mathematician 
Interactive Notebooks for Kindergarten. 
 Click the link.

Until Next Time...



  1. I really like the way your notebooks turned out. This is the first year I have implemented them-I use them in science and do find them useful.

    Not Just Child's Play

    1. I am working on my science packet. Be on the lookout! :)


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