Making Connections with Alphabet Puzzles

As I was sitting back planning for my next week in kindergarten, I thought about how well my little kinders are doing in their literacy and supportive writing centers.  I have been FLOORED with their work.

I wish I could say that it is because I am a TRUE miracle worker and everything that comes out of my mouth is  utter teaching GENUIS 


to be honest it is because I have some wonderful teaching resources.

So today, I wanted to share something that I am currently using that I love.


Alphabet puzzles have been around for a long time but if you do not use them consistently or within the right context, you could misuse them or EVEN worse... NOT use them at all.

So, here are 5 Ways to 
Make Connections with Alphabet Puzzles

Alphabet Puzzles peek the interest of others AND keep students engaged!

Alphabet Puzzles promote alphabet recognition.
 Alphabet Puzzles build sound inventories.
 Alphabet Puzzles boost confidence PLUS they are just plain fun!

If you are interested in these puzzles stop by my TPT store below.

Until Next Time...


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