One WEEK to go!

  I am not sure where you are at with Christmas Shopping but I will tell you I am in TROUBLE!  I think there is like 12 days until Christmas.
Ai Yi Yi!

I am TOO scared to look at the calendar.

Can I even order online anymore?

Well, I will tell you that you CAN still order online  buuuut I will warn you
(I'm married to a UPS Driver) 
and I better hide if he sees more packages, 
especially coming to OUR house. 

Next problem.
In order to shop, 
I have to have ideas and I have NONE!

I don't know what it is, 
maybe it's because I have 2 high school BOYS 
or the fact that there has been no SNOW here in Indiana 
and I am just not in the spirit yet? 
 IDK  buuuut 
I betta get my act together.

If you have any ideas for a 16 or 14 boy?  Or a dad without any real hobbies except working on the lawn? 
 Drop me a line? 
Throw me a bone?  
Just HELP me, please.

Thanks for listening everyone.

Oh, and don't forget about the

MY BEST SELLING BUNDLE IS 50% off until tomorrow!   




  1. Well, I have been trying to do my shopping online because the thought of even going to a store and fighting crowds isn't appealing to me. Your poor husband, I know our UPS man is soo busy. I have the extended family gifts done but like you I have no idea what to get my boys, 14, 16 and 19 and the hubby. When I ask the boys they just say IDK, cash? Once they are teenagers it just isn't as fun with the shopping anymore. Good luck!

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Do they play video games??!?!?! Maybe a game fly subscription, new headset or game? Do they play a sport? Maybe a new golf bag, basketball shorts or something.. Boys are hard to shop for in general!


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