Five for Friday (FRIDAY THE 13th????)

Good morning everyone!
  I. have. been. so. busy.  Buuuut who isn't?  Well, my husband and I are trying to put our house up for sale and school has been crazy! I haven't linked up with Doodle Bugs in a while and I feel SO bad!  
Well, I'm baaaack!

 This week we worked with CVC words in our Word Work station.  We used a BUILD-a-WORD pamphlet book to assist with identifying beginning and ending sounds with short vowels. These vowel books worked just great! Afterward the students used whisper phones to recite the identified picture and spell the word.  My students love using whisper phones!

 I LOVE  love LOVE you Teeny Tiny!!!!!  
I am a Talk About It Tuesday STALKER!!!!  
I love her posts about the bachelor.  If you haven't read them then you BETTER GO!  
Oh, and this week she has a great post about Binder Organization too!  All her posts are awesome.  I adore her!

I can't believe I was just a little one when this happened. This week I thought a lot about the east coast and everything they are going through with all of their snow.   


Until next time LOVIES!


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  1. I also love the "Talk about it Tuesday" posts!! I always look forward to reading her posts! They are always SO hysterical and such a great recap of the show!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!



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