Genius Hacks for Interactive Notebooks

Ok, so I’ve been gone for. like. ever. 
I know.
I know.
I’m sorry. 
I know I shouldn’t be sorry but I am.
I promise to be better.
Today I wanted to share some HACKS that I’ve used this year as I began my implementation of my very first alphabet notebook.  -     I LOVE IT!

I have written many posts on interactive notebooks but today I am going to share my TOP Hacks when using notebooks.

Modeling is always important. 
 I model everything! I give my students intentional directions. It is very important. It may sound silly but WORK first, Then Cut is important to model and review each and every time.
l KNOW I didn't invent this.
Boy, I wish I did.
Thank you to whoever did.
TRUTH...  students lose pieces.  YUP!
There IS a pieces monster that takes pieces.  
In order to save yourself from the pieces monster... 
This. is. my. favorite.

I print student names on white labels and place the labels on the bottom of their bowl.  
By doing this... if a student doesn't get to glue their pieces inside... they will have all of their pieces safely in a bowl.  
PEACE ya'll! 
It is pure peace. 


If you are interested.  Here are my alphabet and grammar notebooks.

Until next time lovies... 


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