Posting Gifs to TPT Quote Box- Blunders

So---I have had my share of difficulties posting gifs to my TPT quote box.  
How about you?

After I finish uploading a new one I always think- YES!!! I will totally

 remember how to do this next time. 
 Then... I don't. 
I am writing this post for you 
and secretly for me! 

 1. Open PPT and resize the page to 3.2 x 1.3

I have had other TPTers use 4.5 x 1.5.  If your final gif shows up small you may want to try this.  Samantha Kelly from Mrs. Kelly's Class used this size and it worked perfectly for her!
2. Use eye dropper to match to my background color of the above image
3. Create images 
4. Save as jpeg files (I still save a workable PPT just in case) On a Mac in PPT you must export the images to find the jpeg option
5. Use the Jpegs to make a gif (I use Gif Maker- super easy)
6. Change the animation speed to 1100
7. I do not change the canvas size
8. Download the gif 
9. Publish gif on host site (pinterest has not been working)- I am using my blog :)
In addition you can use Photo Bucket 
10. You need to save the image URL- go to image, right click and save image url
11. Then shorten the URL to fit into the code. I use Google URL shortener.
12. Use the following code to paste into your quote box

<a href="link to product"><img src=" link to gif "></a>

Say a prayer and copy into the quote box in your "my account" section on your TPT page.

Until next time lovies!


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