Ok, this is my first "official" post.  I am going to begin to actively blog starting, now. No wait, NOW!  Is anyone there?  (Still waiting......) Oh, well.  (Listening...) Is anyone there? No?  Oh, I probably should let people know that this blog actually exists, eh?
 *Note to self*

As I write this post, I am sure that my behavior mimics many teachers on July 30th, or wait is is July 31st?  See... it's the summer and I don't even know the date.  Just wait until August 21st I promise I will know that date.  Any who, I am sitting in my bed, wanting to sleep but anxiously awaiting my return to my classroom tomorrow. Am I day dreaming or am I truly traumatized by Day ONE?  As you can guage, today was my first day back or should I say... actively working in my room.  It was Day ONE, Numeral Uno, my the First Day back post summer.

That said,  today I tore my room up, from head to toe.  It is an outright disaster~ no exaggeration needed!  I keep telling myself, or anyone who will listen, that it has to get worse before it gets better right?  Or no? Well, it sounds good to me.  I will post some disaster pics tomorrow.  Now, I sit in my bed drinking a glass of sangria, thinking about pinterest, other teacher rooms that are ready for the first day and wanting to change just about everything in my room.  Why do I do this to myself every year?

I have been teaching for 6 years now.  I have always been in kindergarten, which I truly enjoy, love and according to my husband, I am truly obsessed with!  I am excited for the upcoming year but this is the time of year I dread, but secretly love, because it is a time to change my room.  I get to fix all of the problems, and/or mess around with new ideas/decor/arrangements.  I DO love this time, but it is utterly draining, exhausting, and I NEVER have enough time to finish everything. ???  ARGH!

But am I telling you something that you don't already know?  Nope.  Every teacher, everywhere feels this too right?  Or at least I hope so.  Well...  To all of my teachers out there, good night, sleep well, and don't let the teaching mind distract you from your beauty sleep! Until next time~


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