Continued Madness

So yesterday was another long day.  I decided to make Disney quotes for my room.  I have been inspired by many other classrooms making signs and pennants this year.   Plus, I have these HUGE windows in my room that get absolutely no sunlight.  The only view my kids have is of the blacktop which is usually full of kids in gym class.  Therefore, something to obstruct the distractions would be a great idea.  Here are the pics of two of the quotes.  I will take pictures of the final products in my room when I am done.

I adore this one!

These are in my window.  I am going to hang it with ribbon and a secure hook today.

Another item on my never ending list of things to do is my 6 + 1 Writing Trait Board and my new color station.  The K-2 team at my school creates a beginning of the year theme in which we welcome the students and the upcoming year.  This year the theme is: school supplies~ Back to School.  So... with that in mind, I try to include the theme within certain areas of my room.   I created my 6 + 1 Writing Trait Board with the title : Colorful Traits of Writing.  I am thinking to add these awesome and colorful whiteboards that I currently found at Walmart in my board. ( You can see them on the table below the bulletin board.)  I will color coded them to represent each trait and then for the last trait~ presentation I am going to connect all of the boards to show the students that presentation is a part of all of the traits of writing.  Sounds good, right? My trait board is very simple at first. I model is religiously from Kristina Smekens Writing Workshop and Traits training. I love her! She is AWESOME!  I think I have been to just about every workshop she has ever had!  Check her store and her out online! I pretty much only add the title and then I build  the entire board through mini lessons throughout  the first 6 weeks of school with my kids.  Therefore, my board will look empty at the beginning of the year.  I am going to add the dry erase boards but that would be about it until school starts.  This isn't the best pic since I took it with my phone.  Plus, I don't know why the fadeless paper looks so lumpy but oh well.  I will fix it later.  Here is a pic of how I started.

Not too much yet.  I will take a complete pic when it is done.

This is one of the AWESOME Dry Erase boards that I will be adding to my board.  You can find them at Walmart.

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