Traits and Common Core anyone?

My trait board is definitely a work in progress.  So... for today this will be my finished intro board.  IDEAS include: When I begin Writer's Workshop I will have the students write the name of each trait on the whiteboards.  Then, I will add characteristics to each trait dependent upon the direction of the lesson.  I am "thinking" to add the characteristics in a word web form, branching out from the whiteboards.  Ideas anyone?

Common Core!  Well, I absolutely adore Deanna Jump, who doesn't!  I met her last year at the National Kindergarten Conference in Las Vegas last year and I was smitten. :)  Back on topic...  I purchased her common core posters last year and never really used them to my satisfaction.  This year I wanted to create an interactive display that will be appealing to parents, visitors, and the students.  I want ALL of my students to KNOW what we are working on throughout the week.  POOF!  This is it.   Check out Deanna Jump for the posters and ALL things amazing!


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