Five For Friday!

It's Five for Friday Time!  Here we GO!

1.  Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!  
This week we learned about pumpkins.  I just might love <3 these paper strip pumpkins more than my kiddos!  SO CUTE!

2.  Classroom Traveler!
 Our classroom traveler, Dixie made her first appearance this week!  The students can't wait to take her home and have adventures with her!

3. BRRRrrr...  It's getting cold in the midwest!
We started our weather unit.  In our word work center the students enjoyed making their own booklets!  Check out the highlighted sight words!!!

4. Pumpkin Estimations!
  The students had a ball estimating how long the yarn needed to be to fit around our classroom pumpkin.

 If you remember a couple of Five for Friday's ago, my son was sick.  This week we ended up in the ER on Monday afternoon.  All in all, he is on the mend. :) They are testing him for parasites.  He might have picked up a bug in Ecuador when he visited this summer.  <3

Until Next time...



  1. I love the paper strip pumpkins! Spookley is out for us to read next week - it's one of my favorites. So sorry to read about your son - hopeful that he is on the mend!

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  2. Thanks Sarah! He is on the mend. I truly can't stop looking at those pumpkins. They are adorable. Maybe I will make a TPT with the pattern this weekend. :)


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