5 for Friday (A Day late!)

Five for Friday Time!

1. Halloween WEEK
The week started with pumpkin carving.  My kinders loved it.  It began with estimating how many seeds.  Our classroom guess was 65 seeds.  We counted, sorted, and cleaned 535! WHOA!

2. Writing/Drawing Mental Images
In our Daily Five centers the students enjoyed listening to the story Pumpkin Town by Katie Mcky and created these amazing mental images.  Our kindergarten reading strategy focus for the month is Mental Imaging.  Look at the invented spelling!  "Punkins are eyreware" <3

3. Independent Writing
 Students wrote about what they were going to be for Halloween.
<3 "I am a ninja." <3

4. LOVED my new freebie~
 Candy Corn Match Up
I found this on Freebielicious (I think).  It was from Caitlin Clabby Kindergarten Smiles.  She is AWESOME. I added the link to the picture.  Check her out!

5. Give Thanks!
This month I decided to end my posts with something that I am thankful for.  

This week I am thankful for my children,their smiles light up my life.  

Until Next time...



  1. Your students are really doing well with their writing! Are you following a particular pacing guide or program. I feel behind!! Our pumpkin hardly had any seeds!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Jayne! I always get excited when someone new finds me on Five for Friday! Sandy, I do not use a writing program but I do LOVE Kristina Smekens and follow her writer's workshop. It is a developmental approach to teaching writing. Also, sorry about your pumpkin.:) Have a great weekend ladies. Thanks for the comments.


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