5 Reasons Why~ Back to School = Extreme Exhaustion

5 Reasons Why Back to School = 
Extreme Exhaustion LINKY

I wake up BEFORE my alarm clock which has NOT seen 5am since June 9th.

I continue to drive to Target at 9pm for
"just one more thing". 

"I DO love their chevron carpets, I wonder what is on special on my Cartwheel today??? hmmm... lamps?"

Cutting out name tags, making labels, and laminating consumes me! Oh, and ALL of my free time. Wait? There's free time?

I ask my husband <3 to come to school after work, every day, just to help me hang one more thing. "One more thing" begins and ends most of my daily sentences.

Yep, he TOTALLY made my washy tape word wall! MWAUH!

I. HAVE. 27. Kinders.  

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  1. Bless your heart..... 27 kinders?!?!? Praying for you! :)


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