Do you believe in bad luck?

I do don't believe in bad luck. 

Let me rephrase that.  
I do not want to believe in bad luck.

But it seems that a black cloud is following me.  
Ever since this past Thursday.

This is what has happened. 
All in this order.


Last Thursday, my daughter and I are out hustling and bustling trying to get last minute Halloween items for our costumes after school.  

She tells me that she hurt her finger at recess but doesn't say too much.  
I don't really ask.- I know great mom award, right? 

Let me preface this with... 
My girl is MADE out OF STEEL.  

I don't ask, because I don't need to. 
She'd tell me if she was hurt. 

Well, two hours into our trip she says that it does really hurt. I ask her if we need to go to urgent care before or after sushi.  

See, she really loves Sushi and if she was really hurt she'd say before otherwise, we'd go eat.
 So, Sushi is my Hurt-o-Meter.
Again, I know- Mom of the year.

Yep, turned the car and we went to urgent care.  
And yes, we have a chipped bone.
Black cloud=1       Me=0

Brings me to Friday,-Halloween. Ai Yi Yi!

My daughter is bummed because last time she checked a witch doesn't have a broken finger.  
Point taken.

The madness that only kindergarten brings BEGINS...

 I am dripping in flop sweat after an hour long party that felt like three days, 
popcorn covers my floor, 
icing dripped cookies cover my tables, 
and now it's lunch.  

Thank the LORD.
10 minutes of quiet.  Only 10 minutes you ask?
Oh, it's raining.
which means indoor recess, 
which means the kids eat in our classroom,
which means ZERO lunch time.

PHEW! I am outta breath!

Black CLOUD= 2  Me=0

I check my phone. 
The orthopedic called when I was knee deep in Monster Mash!

I check the message literally at 12:05.
They want me + my daughter at the orthopedic at 1:00?

Can I make it?


I'm gone.
Sub takes over.  

Again, confirms chipped bone.

Ok black cloud BRING IT!
Don't worry he does.

I get home to pass out candy.

I place my adorable Macbook Pro in the kitchen to charge. 
Her name is Priscilla.  - Because she's pink.
Priscilla the PINK Pro- Adorbs right?

Well, I thought I'd better make a good dinner. 
So... I turn on the oven.

The oven is on the same circuit as my Macbook.
Do you see it coming?


Burned up my Macbook Charger.

Black Cloud= 3 Me=0

Remember that new bathroom that I put in TWO months ago?

Well guess what?  I found a pile of water in the basement right under it.

A leak,  URGH!!!

Oh, good Lord!

Black Cloud= 4  Me=0


Black Cloud's day off.

Monday Morning...

I was SO happy to wake up a bit later on Sunday that it didn't feel so bad to see 5am this morning.

I get dressed, make coffee.

Hubs walks into the kitchen holding his cheek, 
almost in tears.


Excruciating pain.

Which leads me to have to call off work.


Especially at 6am.

But, anything for the hubby.

Oh, he had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction.

Black Cloud=5  Me=0  Hubby+Tooth= -4

We come back from the surgeon this afternoon.  

I place hubs on the couch.

I sit in my oh so comfy chair..
 I want to write a blog post.  Maybe one of those amazingly teachable kinds?? 


BLACK CLOUD???  6??  whaaaaat???

Really?  This has to be a cruel joke?

Do I need to look out the window for the cloud?
Do I need to purchase a rabbit's foot?

What????????? is going on?


Which brings me to tonight.  
I am wrapping this night up fast.

I am going to say my prayers and go to bed.

I want to say that I don't believe in bad luck but 
come on???

This is ridiculous.

Oh, I obviously got the internet working again.

After wasting 25 minutes of my life on hold with Comcast.

Until next time lovies.

Thanks for staying with me for the longest post ever.



  1. So sorry for fun. Hopefully the rest of the week will be better! Thanks for keeping it real.

    Luv My Kinders

  2. OMG! This has to be one of the best posts I have read In a while! I LOVE your candid writing and sharing your personal side. I also teach kinder and can relate to your classroom dilemmas. I have three boys and feel that black cloud coming out too but it is great that you can put a positive spin on it. I need to remember to do that more often! I hope your cloud stays away for you to enjoy the weekend. Take care!


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