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Thank you INSPIRED OWL FOR this awesome JUMPstart into SPRING! 
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Have you noticed anything new?
Well, I do have a SPRING in my step!
This spring I am celebrating NEW beginnings.  As a family of FIVE, including 2 teenage boys, we’ve outgrown our 1st home.  Our house is on the market and we’ve been praying that it will sell soon.  We are looking for that DREAM home. 
REFLECTION. I’d like to reflect from my days a short time ago.  I was a newbie blogger last March and I had not yet met many bloggers with the same DREAM as I have. “To connect and see the world of education around the world.”  Well, after a JET to Vegas to meet everyone at TPT and a hop skip and jump to French Lick, I feel like I’ve made true friendships and I am off to explore new ground    
YAY!  Spring Resources! Do you know how sometimes you are just sitting there and BAM a great idea hits you in the face?  Well, that’s how I created my SPRING Writing Prompts.  I adore them!  There are 2 amazing things about them. 
1st:  I included a Self Check/Assessment area where students can check to make sure they are showing their very best work.
2nd: There is a peer review form for the student.  This way they can find a friend and share their writing.


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  1. Isn't this blogging community the best?!?! I am convinced I would be burned out by now if it wasn't for all of the constant inspiration and need to give back! Thank you so much for joining us! :)


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