Need PINspiration? Pick 3 Linky!

During the GLOOMY days of March… 
Do you need some PIN-spiration for your classroom? 
Take a look at the 3 PINS I find INSPIRATIONAL for my classroom!

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First pick!!  
GOTTA have my SLIME.  
I'm kinda known for it! Oh dear LORD!  This is awesome!  MADE IN HEAVEN!
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 Pick two!  I love ANYTHING About rainbows!  
This is awesome because you can teach a lesson on density, volume, and amaze pretty much anyone in your classroom!
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 I am LITERALLY pinning this for myself so that I can find it in August! 
It. is. THAT. good. 
 This pin has 36 different ways to CREATIVELY decorate your classroom.  I totally want to do this for my reading nook next year!  Check it out!
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I LOVE THIS LINKY!  I hope you do to!

Also, I hope it takes the GLOOM out of the permacloud cold winter days that we are STILL seeing!

Until Next time LOVIES!



  1. These are all so great! I like the jar the best!

  2. OK rainbow slime!!! I'm going to have to make that with my kids this year. Too cool!

    Thanks for the idea!
    The Busy Busy Hive


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