Five for Friday!

This is my 2nd Five for Friday!  Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching!

1. Learning our Traits of Writing.  

During my Writer's Workshop launch I introduce one trait at a time.  This week we focused on IDEAS.  I want the students to create mental images for each writing trait. This pictorial reference helps for building automaticity with the traits. For the trait of ideas, I use a lightbulb.  My mini lesson included allowing the students to draw or write inside the lightbulb items or things that they know a lot about. As we become writers I teach students that writers/authors write about things that they know a lot about.  These will become writing topics in the future. Check out the amazing use of labels in this piece. :)

I absolutely LOVE watching kinders use watercolors.  This was our first watercolor project and my students enjoyed each and every moment.  They were mesmerized as they wrote their color words and then watercolored over the top.  So cute!

3. Back to APPLES!  
Here are pictures of my Apple Homework display and my hallway Apple Showcase.  The Apple homework is on the window of my loft. I know this isn't in the best place but it IS inside the classroom and all of my students can see their work. WHICH THEY LOVE! My Apple Showcase will continue through next week. 


Friday we made applesauce.  I turned my kinder scientists into mathematicians as we read the recipe and added ingredients.  The smell overcame the school and many flocked to our room for a taste!

5.  Grateful! I had a very sick 13 year old this week.  He missed 3 days of school with the stomach flu.  I am thankful and grateful that he is feeling better. 

Thanks Doodle Bugs Teaching!

Until Next Time...


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