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I enjoy teaching my kinders how to tell time to the hour.  I begin by teaching the basics.
#1: Identify the parts of an analog clock.
Don’t assume that any student knows the parts of a clock. Your mini lesson should include showing and teaching the face, hands, numbers, shape, and differences between a Judy clock and all of the other “fancy” clocks that students may have at their own homes.  They need to see and know the standard form for an analog clock.
#2: USE the Judy CLOCK
 anduse it All. The. Time.
Get it time- HA!

I have a big one, I have little ones, I have one that sits next to me.  I am always switching the time and asking for the time.
Daily practice, people!
#3: Have students make their own clocks. 
Here are mine. 

Simple and useful. 

Below you will notice some of my personal touches that took 9 years to master. (hee hee)


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