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It’s Time for a Giveaway!

The Pencil Grip, Inc sent me some awesome products to review and giveaway on the blog!

 Check out the link for more of their products!

My kiddos had a blast reviewing the products.  
First upPencil Grips
  I have a right and left hand students reviewing the grips.  They are pretty awesome.
The feedback was: “these are great.”  “Can I keep this one?”

There are 4 different pencil grips all for different grip styles.
 They also included a correct and incorrect handwriting position chart.  This came in handy!
All in all, we liked these.  They are WAY better than the small hard plastic pencil grips that were are used to. 
All grips are Latex and Phthalate Free.  They are easily adaptable for both righties and lefties.
Next Up
Kwik Stix Tempra Paints

WHOA!  Awesome!
The solid Tempra Paint Stix literally dry in less than 90 seconds and do not smear.
They are about the same size as a glue stick and are easy to use. 

First impression: “Hmmm  I wonder how these will work?”

Lasting Impression: “I’m totally going to get more of these!”

The Pencil Grip, Inc is hosting the giveaway.  ENTER TO WIN!
Disclaimer: I received these products in exchange for review on my blog. The opinions expressed on my site are my own, and were not influenced by the company or free product provided.  The Pencil Grip, Inc will be mailing out prizes to winners.  Please note that you will need to submit your address to Loving Kinders so that you may receive your prizes.

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