Made it Monday!

I am super excited for my first link up with

DURING the madness yesterday,(running back and forth to my computer to buy more at the TPT sale) I managed to make a couple of things for my classroom!
Seats for my library has been on my list since 
Yep, ya'll these have been sitting in my garage for
My hubby was too happy to come home and see them done! HERE I GO!

I will post more pics of my library when it's finished.

Another project was a spray paint project AND if I would have known the "during" before the "END" I would have taken more pics. (Insert embarrassed pic here) 

 This is an old desk that I wanted to make black.  Simple, right?  Well, no. I don't spray paint.  My mom was a painter and I have always painted and restored everything the "right way".  
I am kind of pressed for time because we are leaving for a short vacation on Thursday so I thought "just spray paint it." What could go wrong? My mom is probably laughing from heaven. <3

From the pics, nothing looks like it went wrong but if you note back to the first pic, the bottle of MINERAL SPIRITS. Yep, that's because I was fully covered in spray paint after I used the entire can on half the desk.  Yes, I WAS fully covered in spray paint...down to my cuticles. 
It wasn't pretty.

 WHO KNEW that you DON'T take the white plastic thingy out???  I thought it was a protector or something.
 BOY was I wrong

My dad had to come over and rescue me!  He went to the hardware store to get mineral spirits CUZ that spray paint doesn't come off with soap ya'll!  I miss my paint!

It all turned out ok, but it was SO drama!  I wish I would have taken more pics hopefully you have some funny pictures in your head right now. :)

So that's why I don't spray paint!


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  1. Dads are great at rescuing us gals! My dad always knows when I'm calling because I'm lost, we have some serious ESP going on. :) Love your cute crate seats! I'm so glad I found your awesome kindergarten blog, I teach kindergarten as well if you'd like to hop over!

    Fun in PreK-1 & Kinder


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