Make Kindergarten Math FUN?

Over the last year I've asked myself, how can I make math MORE FUN?  I tried manipulatives, dancing around counting (fun, yes!), games, and pretty much everything I've read on my fav blogs.  I thought...maybe I am NOT a math person?!  That can't be true?  If you give me a Language Arts lesson I can ROCK IT OUT of the park!  I KNOW I can make my math lessons better! 

Then came INTERACTIVE math journals and it was like the heavens opened and angels were singing!  This was my answer. So... I bought a couple of resources and began to find out what works for my kids.  MY. KIDS. LOVED. THEM!

This summer I buckled down and began to create my own!  There are a few things that I figured out during my interactive notebook journey.

BE INTENTIONAL and Directional with your directions! 
I always number mine!

Make the Journal something to be PROUD of!  
Superheroes are SO fun!
Allow time and MODEL along with your students.  
I create a journal WITH my students!

DIVIDE your journal into parts.  This HELPS with organization and allows for easy access to selected parts for conferences!

SO here they are in ALL of their glory
 I LOVE them!

NOW, I am going off the grid for awhile! 
 Cheers to a LONG WEEKEND!

Until Next time!



  1. This looks so great!!! I love interactive notebooks/journals. Good job! Have fun on your trip!


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