Made it Monday~ GO TIME!

Hello dear friends.  I have been off the radar for the last week trying desperately to get my room ready. Now it's GO TIME! I have 27, yep ya heard me 27 kinders coming on Wednesday.  I am SLAMMED with teacher meetings and last minute name changes.  ARGH!  Don't you hate that?  

Well, I L-O-V-E-D linking up with Fourth Grade Frolics a couple of weeks ago for their Made it Monday so I'M BAAAACKK!!

 This is my NEW literacy corner.  I absolutely LOVE it!  I found old school chalkboards behind my bulletin boards, painted them with black chalkboard paint and BAM ~ New to ME, chalkboards!  Also, I always struggle with where to put my word wall.  This time I decided to put it right about my supportive writing table.  I used washy tape, a level, and my dear hubby's help to put it up on the wall.  I really like them.  Also, I added Tara West's Freebie for the awesome alphabet. *Sorry for the fuzzy picture*

I remade my Reading Strategy posters.  Check them out, they are free in my TPT store!

 I couldn't figure out what to do with my closet doors??    Since I moved my word wall, I was worried that this space would go to waste.  I instilled the help of one of my dear friends and we decided to make it a BRAG BOARD!  I can display weekly student work.  So cute!  Above you will see a custom wall decal that I installed from KristiStickySigns on Esty.  I am going to put my classroom word webs, anchor charts, and interactive brainstorming sheets in this area.

LASTLY, don't forget that the BOOST sale is this Wednesday!  It's time to use all of my TPT credits from my purchases at the back to school sale!

Until Next Time...


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