FUN in the Classroom!

Hi everyone!  It’s FRIDAY!  I am so happy.

 Unfortunately, it is the last day to link up with FREEBIELICIOUS for the linky party and I caught it towards the tail end so I am kinda sad about that.
  BUUUT… this Friday means VACAY!  The hubs will be home and we will be sweeping the kiddos out to Washington DC for some historical fun! YAY!

This linky is all about the FUN!  
Classroom Fun, my fav.

So here goes…
Now, I am sure everyone does this or do they????  I LOVE keeping kindergarten fun!  We are always listening to music, dancing around, and being silly! 

I adore Jack Hartmann!  He has excellent songs and we often throw up a YouTube vid on the interactive whiteboard and sing and dance along.
Favs? Tooty Ta, Pirate Song
Also, I still enjoy some good ole Dr. Jean! HELLO NEIGHBOR is always played during the first 5 minutes of the first day of kindergarten in my room!

2-GO NOODLE (hee, Hee)
I am obsessed with Go NOODLE! 
OMGoodness I just might have to write my whole POST about it!  I just logged in to show you how many minutes we partied last year, and it was 211. There were 211 wonderfully hilarious minutes of brain breaks in my room. Can you see that I have a home account too? Hee, Hee.  The hubs loves Pop-See-Ko! Or maybe I love Pop-See-Ko and the hubs just deals with it?

FAVS?  KOO KOO KANGAROO!  Pop-See-Ko, Roller Coaster, Get Loose

AND>>>>>>>>> there are new things YA’LL!
Check this out!!!!

OM WORD PROFESSOR DING-A-DONG! (I am still laughing and following the dance moves by myself in my living room during summer vacation.)  If I can do that then you KNOW this is awesome!  You must go and check it out!

This WILL definitely be a staple in my room!

Now, when I say silly voices, I don’t mean that I am a great or even good impressionist.  I am NOT but I do try to do my best to disguise my voice often to bring smiles to my kinders.  They love it.  PLUS, its fun.  It’s kinda hard to have a bad day when you are talking like a pirate!

Have fun and TEACH ON!


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