How to teach sight words

How to teach sight words?
Everyone teaches sight words.  Everyone.  BUUUT we all teach a little different so it’s time to hear how I do it!  It’s all about taking bits and pieces from everyone to make amazing teachers, eh?!  YUP!
Daily Practice! During our morning meeting I echo sight words that have been introduced.  Sometimes I pull one out of a hat other times I use a pointer and find one on the wall, and sometimes I have a student “be the teacher” and pick a word to focus on.
Secret WORD of the week: You may pick one word to focus on for the week.  This word you may choose to sing songs about, echo each day, or even place around the room for a secret “password” that when students pass the word they have to touch it and spell it.  
Word Wall: Most importantly sight and high frequency words should be placed on classroom word walls. These word walls will give students immediate access to the word for spelling and writing practice.  Remember the more they see it, the more they will fluently recognize, decode, and USE it in their reading and writing.

Take home rings: Sending home copies of sight words for “at home” practice is not a new idea.  It works!  SEND THEM!  You may choose to split up your words equally by grading period.  Copy the words on colored cardstock and place on a ring.  Explain that the ring will “LIVE” in their backpack so that you may use them throughout the school day and they can practice them at home. 
DONT FORGET to assess!
It is very important to keep great data about your students.  This holds you accountable for their learning and shares growth information with administration and parents.  I assess frequently and use a variety of assessments.  I take anecdotal notes throughout daily practice activities, create word work with sight words, assess writing and I use formal individual sight word assessments.  Whatever works for your classroom use it!

These are my words rings!



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