Money Saving Tip

I am so excited to share some tips and tricks today, a special THANKS to WEEKEND WARRIORS For the LInky!

One tip that I do to save money is to… 
Repurpose and recycle my own items
Last year I made these seats for my library!  I LOVED THEM.
 This year I am storing my writing portfolios in them! 
It's all about taking something you have and making it better, usable, and awesome! 
Check out my post to make them yourself!

Make sure to keep check out all of these amazing tips in the linky because I LEARNED SO MANY things!

Until Next time LOVIES!



  1. I love your seat crates! I also love how you are going to use them differently this year to make them work for you! Great ideas!

  2. Love these and love your color choices! I made these a few years back and they are great space savers!


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