Wonderful Idea>>> Wednesday

So… I haven’t “LINKED” in awhile.  Well, lets be honest. 
In like forever.
 Reason=I’ve been moving. 
For like a million years. 
BUUUUT now I’mmmmm BAAACK!
And I am really excited to link up with Freebie-licious for Wonderful Idea Wednesday
-      before it turns to TOO LATE Thursday!

First up!  I pulled ALL of those janky filing cabinets last year and used containers to store ALL of my units.
BEST. IDEA. EVER!  GOODBYE bent broken papers.  HELLO SUNSHINE AND HAPPINESS.  I picked them up at the container store.  (I had to drive to Chicago but it was well worth it!)

NEXT!  I am not the one that invented this by any means but after looking stalking blogs. I noticed that everyone. I mean everyone. Is layering their borders!  DID I MISS THIS?  
Well, I LOVE IT!  Another idea I will use forever!  Check it out!



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  1. Love your borders! I do that too, and now after reading the original post, it will be so much easier with a glue gun!


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