Five for Friday!

Linking up with Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday!

Did you check out my NEW blog design?  
Awesome don't you think? Templates by Tenille. 

I FINALLY FOUND Greg Smedley over at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard... I know, I know... Where. HAVE. I. BEEN. ???  
LOVE HIM AND HIS mustaches!

Yep, bought a laminator.  
It was 19.96 at Walmart. I can't wait to try it!

Started my new Interactive Math Notebooks.  
Check My Projects for updates.

It's 5 O'clock somewhere....

Until Next Time...



  1. Your blog looks fabulous!!!! Isn't Tenille awesome?!?!? And, I have that laminator. I personally think it works better than a school laminator. It's a lot thicker and will hold up longer. Of course, bigger items like poster can't be done, but it's perfect for all those fun centers, etc..

  2. Thanks Becky. I haven't unwrapped it yet. I am going to laminate my new calendar items. YIPPEE!

  3. Your blog looks so stinkin' cute!! I just got my preview and I am super excited to reveal mine later this week! Also and at home laminator is a must, so good purchase :). If you go on amazon, you can get 200 pages for like $15, which is a steal! I wish I taught K so I could buy your math journals.. any chance you wanna teach third? haha!


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