So... my husband LOVES <3's airplanes.  
Every year since he was born, (38 years) he travels to Oshkosh, Wisconsin for annual the EAA Airshow. It's like the SUPERBOWL for Airplane lovers! Most of the time, we camp.  I DO. NOT. LIKE. TO. CAMP.  One year I had to take a shower, in a shower house, with a SPRAY HOSE!  
YES, you heard me...a flipping SPRAY HOSE!  
 Did I tell you that I was also holding on to a newborn? 
 Man, I must love this guy. 

Well, to be honest, I haven't went with him in a couple of years.  He has been going with our oldest son, but this year, with a PROMISE of a trip to Chicago's Container Store + IKEA, I told him I would join him.  
Plus, I TOTALLY booked a hotel.  SHHH!!!!

I am frantically trying to get ready for this trip which includes a LONG list of shopping ideas from my fav stores!  

In the meantime, I am SO excited to SHOP at TPT's Back to School Sale.  Wahoo!  I have 300.00 on my wish list and I am ready to spend!

Starts Monday!  GO quick!

Lastly, I PROMISE to finish up my Interactive Math Notebooks!  I am almost done!  
Here is a sneak peek.  I have 4 units.

Until Next Time!!!


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