Top 5 TPT Tips I learned in Vegas~ Linky

Vegas, yep Vegas.  Can I say more?  YES, I can! 
Vegas + TPT~ WaHOOOOO!  
All I can say is that if you weren't there- GO!  Next year- GO!  I have been to amazing conferences in my educating life but this one hands down, was THE most inspiring and empowering conference of my teaching life! I walked out of the conference with my head held high. 
 I am PROUD to be a Tpt seller!

So it goes without saying that I have been on pins and needles waiting for my newest friend, Becky from Teaching Learning & Loving to post her linky.  
So, without further adieu...

These are my Top 5 Tpt Tips I learned in Vegas

Use Pic Monkey for ALL of your photo editing.  I have been using ppt and yesterday I used Pic Monkey to create my "grab me button"  and Deedee Wills was right--SO many amazing things I can do to edit a photo.  My new favorites things: adding shadows, filling shapes with pics, adding overlays.  Do I need to go on?  OH wait!!  Creating picture collages!  SOLD! 
 I love you Pic Monkey!

Buy Adobe Pro if you are on Mac.  
This truly is the only way you can add hyperlinks on your PDF's.  Thanks Erica Boher!

Deanna Jump was the keynote!!! YES. She. Was. There. and YES I LOVE HER even more!
Well, she stated that ALL of us Tpt sellers are not competitors but collaborators. We should all help and support one another.  Plus, she shared her personal, heartfelt Tpt journey.  All I will say is, WOW!  No woman deserves all of the success like she does.  She is a true, selfless woman with nothing but "teacher blood" running through her veins.

Sorry for the terrible picture, they really are gorgeous in real life.  I blame my unimaginable and uncontrollable  "star struck - ness"  - is that a word?

I went to the Blogger Panel and you woulda thought I was at the Academy Awards!  Ya'll blog junkies get ready...  FIRST, I walked into the room and there right in front of me was Cara Caroll.  I approached her and YEP I touched here!  She probably thinks I am literally crazy!  So after I almost passed out, I sit down (right in the front)   there THEY were!  Deedee Wills, Erica Boher, Cara Caroll, Elizabeth Hall, and Greg Smedley. Ya'll would've  thought I'd died and was standing at the Golden Gates in Blogger Heaven!

Oh sorry, back to my #2!!!  After I picked up my jaw and grabbed a pencil, I learned a lot from all of these amazing bloggers. But, the most important piece of information wasn't the techie info or blogging secrets, it was that all of these ladies + Greg are REAL people, just like me.  They are just as obsessed with teaching just like I am.  I learned that ALL I need to do, is be ME! Nothing more, nothing less. Whew, big relief that was.
<3 you Blogger Panel, 
and I promise I'm not crazy Cara Caroll.

This brings a smile to my face when I think about it.  During
 all of the sessions all of the presenters discussed a common theme. There TPT success wasn't done on their own.  As they began their Tpt journey, they FIRST began to establish friendships and it seems to me that within their friendships they became who they are today. I am SO very lucky that I found instant friends at Tpt.  I found my new Fab 5! (I just names us, ladies!)  So with all of that said, the #1 thing that I learned was to be supportive and to make new friends.
Thank you Tpt!

Check out the Fab 5!

Until next time!



  1. I LOVE OUR NAME!!!!! That would make an adorable collaborative blog... Just a thought.... The fab give teachers.. It has a ring.. :) great post!

  2. Love it, and you!! The Fab 5 is definitely a great name! Let the collaboration begin!


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