Into the Madness I FALL!~ CLOSETS!

Oh my goodness...  Here. I. GO!   
I am falling into the never-ending pit of school teacher CLOSETS>>>>>
This is what happened.

Doesn't look so bad, right?  Well... this was after like 3 garbage bags full of items made their way to goodwill and the dump!  I haven't cleaned out my closets in 7 YEARS!  Who does that?  Well, obviously it would be ME!

Interesting Items that I Found:
1 Blender
1 Gigantic Bottle of Ammonia 
(For Kindergarten? Really? Who ordered that?)
Another Enormous bottle of Vegetable Oil?

~AH HA! Items~

1 Working Typewriter
 Think... WORD WORK Activities

15 AMAZING records 
I already ordered a record player from Amazon!
Think... Lunch Time Hits or Inside Recess

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Until Next Time, Lovies...


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